suspended ceilings


Suspended lay-in grid ceiling systems can offer many different benefits to buildings of all kinds.


These ceilings are loosely based on the concept of a series of tiles sitting in a grid patterned framework.


This has the advantage of offering a solution to the problem of accessibility to services suspended above the ceiling, whilst giving a suitable cosmetic finish for the end user.


In recent years the design of these products and systems has developed in such a way, that there are now options available to accommodate virtually every possible scenario.


There are systems that are suitable for swimming pool environments, for hygienically sensitive environments, for ceilings requiring a high level of security and also for ceilings requiring enhanced acoustic and fire resistance.


Due to our strong working relationships with the manufacturers in this sector, such as Armstrong, Rockfon, SAS, AMF, and Ecophon, Harrison and Rowe Ltd are able to offer the highest level of service to our clients, and provide solutions for all of their needs.