Plastering is the name for the application of a surface finish to internal walls and ceilings which can be decorated to suit the end user.


Harrison and Rowe Ltd is able to provide a number of solutions to wall and ceiling finishes which will depend on the individual environment.


To cover bare masonry, a traditional system of two coat plaster can be applied. This is a durable system, which is applied directly to the masonry in two separate coats to give a smooth surface finish.


An alternative solution in covering bare masonry could be a dot and dab system. In this scenario, plasterboards are adhered directly to the masonry using a specialist adhesive. When the adhesive is dry, the surface of the plasterboard can be skimmed using a thin coat of plaster to give a smooth finish.


An alternative to using wet plaster onto plasterboards is the Tape and Joint system. This system is different to plastering in a number of ways yet it gives the same smooth finish to enable final decoration.


Specialist jointing compound is used to cover the joints and fixings on the surface of the plasterboards and once dry, is sanded to a smooth finish.


Our staff are highly skilled in the use of all of the systems above, which gives us the flexibility to provide a solution to any internal finish that is required.